The premier markup language of the internet! The easiest and most useful to know of the web programming languages!


A combination of HTML5 and CSS3 can really go a long way. Especially if you know both of them well!


PHP used to create custom APIs for a multitude of database interactions.
Great for Web Applications.


Great for frontend projects. Frameworks include jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, and other 3rd party libraries.


The first official programming language I learned. It's a great start for object oriented programming!

LAMP Experience

Fedora 20

This is the flavor of Linux that I currently run out of my LAMP Stack.

Apache 2.4

The offical open-source web server that runs the internet today!

PHP 5.5.19

The PHP engine is used to drive PHP web applications!

MariaDB 5.5.4

From the makers of MySQL, it is MariaDB. A beefed up version of MySQL!

About Me

Picture of Me


  • Richland Community College
    • Degree: N/A(Basics)
    • GPA: 3.889/4.000
  • UT Dallas
    • B.S. of Science
      Information Technology and Systems
    • GPA: 3.776/4.000


  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Development
  • SharePoint Development
  • Network Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Server Implementation
  • Server Virtualization
  • Time Management

What I Do - Work

Current Job: IT Consultant

Desired Position: Web/UI/UX Developer

Free Lance Work: Develop websites and web apps for anyone in need, if you are interested please contact by email. ×

Pricing - Affordable

Pricing depends on the type of website you want developed.

The biggest factor on price is determined by the amount of content, type of website developed, and the time frame of completion.

Please e-mail for consultation! ×